Friday, June 5, 2009

Performance & Success Advice - Blog Post # 2 the Handshake

In post # 1 on Professional Image, I forgot to mention the handshake.  Thanks Demolishes for reminding me of its importance!

The handshake is one of the aspects of making a first impression.  Believe it or not, a handshake can either give someone a good impression, a neutral impression, or even a BAD impression!

There is a science to the handshake and how firm or loose it should be, how many pumps you should use, etc.  This science can be found in the Definitive Book of Body Language.  I lent my copy out so I will update this post soon with the proper amount of pumps, the description of a good handshake, and the world's worst handshakes so check back soon!

Here is a YouTube video on the proper way to shake hands -

A word of caution:  When you go in for a handshake, you have entered into the other person's intimate zone (within 1.5 feet).  This is where good hygiene comes in because the other person will notice if you smell bad, good or if you smell too strongly of cologne/perfume.  It seems like common sense but always exercise good hygiene!  Find a good smelling body wash/soap and the appropriate threshold for the amount of cologne/perfume to use.

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